General Asahel Stone Mansion
201 West Orange Street, Winchester, IN 47394

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Brief History of General Asahel Stone Mansion

Old Photograph of Asahel Stone

AKA: General Stone Mansion or Stone Mansion

General Asahel Stone Mansion was constructed in 1872 in Winchester, Indiana.

General Stone Mansion is built in the architectural style known as Second Empire. Prior to construction, a series of catalog style houses were built east of the site, which remain. These were built to house the construction crew (and their families) during the Stone Mansion construction.

All the marble fireplaces are made of imported Carrara marble, the quarry Michelangelo got all his marble from.

The Stone Mansion was built for Asahel Stone and his wife, Lydia (nee. Preston). Asahel and Lydia Stone had no children.


A Brief History of General Asahel Stone

Asahel Stone was born 29 June 1817 in Marietta, Ohio.
Asahel Stone was the son of Ezra Stone, who was a carpenter/contractor.
Asahel Stone would also become a well-respected carpenter/contractor.
Asahel Stone married Lydia Preston on 24 September 1837 in Hamilton, Ohio.
Lydia Preston was born 25 November 1817 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Asahel and Lydia Stone would have no children.
Asahel and Lydia Stone moved to Winchester, Indiana.
Asahel Stone was a contractor and entrepreneur.
Asahel Stone was a State Senator before and after the Civil War.
He was instrumental in shifting the railroad to come through Winchester and his own property.
He supported the Temperance efforts, publicly and personally.
Asahel Stone was Commissary General and State Quarter Master General during the Civil War.
He was in charge of the State Bakery, which provided for government ran institutions including the military hospitals and prisons, as well as veteran, widow, and orphan homes.
Asahel Stone was the President, a Director, and a Stockholder of the Randolph Co. Bank (1879).
Asahel Stone donated forty acres to establish the Fountain Park Cemetery as a public cemetery for the citizens of Winchester, Indiana on 1 March 1880.
At the time, you would be able to see his burial plot from the master bedroom.
Asahel Stone died on 25 February 1891 in Winchester, Indiana.
Asahel Stone’s will, dated 31 January 1891, notes “of sound mind and failing health”.
Asahel Stone is buried in Fountain Park Cemetery in Winchester, Indiana.
Lydia Stone died 18 September 1892 in Winchester, Indiana.
Lydia Stone is buried with Asahel Stone in Fountain Park Cemetery in Winchester, Indiana.

Other interesting notes:  The general was a star gazer and built the third floor with windows that extend beyond the house to allow a clear view of the night sky. The general was only 5ft tall.

Asahel Stone willed Stone Mansion to Lydia upon his death on 25 February 1891.

Lydia Stone died on 18 September 1892.

  1. E. Miller purchased Stone Mansion from the estate of Lydia Stone after her death in 1892.

Daniel Speicher purchased Stone Mansion from W. E. Miller in 1910.

Charles Moore purchased Stone Mansion from Daniel Speicher in 1911.

Carl Thompson purchased Stone Mansion from Charles Moore in 1913.

Harry Boyle purchased Stone Mansion from Carl Thompson in 1920.

Stone Mansion was sold in three separate transactions in 1927. Otis Kirtley purchased from Harry Boyle. Enos Lykins purchased from Otis Kirtley.
Minnie Duncan purchased from Enos Lykins.

William P. Morris purchased Stone Mansion from Minnie Duncan in unknown year.

Glen Keys purchased Stone Mansion from William P. Morris in 1961.

Edward Williams purchased Stone Mansion from Glen Keys in 1968.

Edward and Nancy Williams applied for Stone Mansion to be added to the National Register of Historical Places on 6 February 1979. It was approved on 21 March 1979. It was included for architecture and its association with General Asahel Stone.

Richard Wise purchased Stone Mansion from Edward Williams in 1985. Richard Wise filed for a business license for “Stone Mansion Inn, Inc.” (7 Nov. 1985),
which operated as a restaurant. Richard Wise had the south addition built to Stone Mansion as its kitchen.

Roger Harris purchased Stone Mansion from Richard Wise in 1997.

Save The Old Properties (STOP) purchased Stone Mansion from Roger Harris in 2019.

Save The Old Properties is a non-profit organization of Dann and Richard Allen (brothers).

Funeral Card for Asahel Stone