General Asahel Stone Mansion
201 West Orange Street, Winchester, IN 47394

Reservations: 765.808.8730

Welcome to the General Asahel Stone Mansion!

The rich history makes the General Asahel Stone Mansion one of America’s Historic Places! The Mansion was constructed in 1872 in Winchester, Indiana.

There was a home on the site before the Stone Mansion. General Stone had it moved two blocks away and then raised the ground to create a hill to build his home on.

WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY OPEN FOR INVESTIGATIONS! On March 14, 2024, Winchester, Indiana was hit by a line of storms that brought with them a tornado. Stone Mansion was in the path of the tornado and sustained damage. We are working to repair the mansion and make her safe for historical tours and investigations. We will keep you informed as to the status of repairs and the availability of the mansion for visits.